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Do I have to live
in Maine to adopt or foster?

Once MCAR pulls dogs from unfortunate situations, we want to ensure they do not experience it again. We practice due diligence with each of our rescues, including ensuring they get the care they need after leaving MCAR. All of our rescued dogs are fostered in Maine, but we are able to adopt to other New England States.

Is MCAR a kill 

Absolutely not, we rescue animals that are in those situations and bring them to Maine to get adopted into loving homes regardless if they have a disability, need surgeries or treatments, are special needs, or need rehabilitation!

Is MCAR a kennel-free rescue?

MCAR is a kennel-free rescue, or in other words a Foster Based Rescue. This means that we only work with people who volunteer to foster, and we do not have a site with dogs on it. If you are interested in adopting, typically you will be meeting up with the foster family who has been taking care of the dog, which is a great way to get a sense if the dog is a perfect fit for your family!

How can I apply to adopt or foster?

To apply to adopt, you can find the Adoption Forms here. 

To apply to foster, you can find the Foster Forms here. For other information regarding ways you can get involved, donate, or the typical foster process please visit the Get Involved page!

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